For years, almost all major media outlets, including daily newspapers such as the New York Times, the television networks, National Public Radio, and “immigrants’ rights advocates” have portrayed illegal aliens as powerless victims of their circumstances. At the same time, they have deliberately ignored or downplayed the plight of American citizens and legal residents who are being murdered, raped, and brutalized every day by illegal alien criminals, who should never have been allowed to enter the United States in the first place. What follows are stories about some of these victims as well as a link to an organization named the Remembrance Project that attempts to bring a measure of comfort to victims’ families by commemorating their loved ones’ memory. Americans of every color, condition, and background are being sacrificed by a government that is failing its most fundamental duty: to protect its own citizens from harm.

The Victims of Illegal Immigration:  A Collection of Essays

This second edition of the Victims of Illegal Immigration features short essays about 17 Americans who have lost their lives because elected and non-elected public officials have abdicated their responsibility by not keeping criminal illegal aliens out of the United States.

Victims of Illegal Immigration, Second Edition

Lyman, Isabel (ed.) The Victims of Illegal Immigration: A Collection of Essays. Petoskey, Michigan: The Social Contract Press, 2016.

Traffic Victims

Scarcely a day goes by that an American citizen or legal resident is not killed by an illegal alien in a senseless traffic collision.  The following are representative cases:

    1. Sixteen-year-old Dustin Inman
    2. Sister Denise Mosier
    3. Three-year-old Martwen Kudlis and Patricia Guntharp and Debra Serecky
    4. Best Friends: Teens Coming Home from a Day at the Beach


No Safe Places

There are no safe places in an America where criminal aliens are allowed to enter and remain at large. The following cases illustrate some of the issues involved:

  1. Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas
  2. The 9-11 Victim— James Gadiel was a 23-year-old assistant trader for the investment firm of Cantor Fitzgerald, when he was killed in the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. This was his first job after graduating from Washington & Lee University, and he had been working there for about six months when Osama bin Ladin’s suicide terrorists attacked the buildings in New York City.
  3. Fourteen-year old Shatavia Anderson
  4. Homemaker Marilyn Bethell
  5. Eighty-three-year old Liza Meizell
  6. Seventeen-year-old Football Star Jamiel Shaw
  7. Dan Golvach testifies about his son Spencer killed by an illegal alien at a Texas Senate Committee Hearing on Border Security and Sanctuary Cities