Projects of US Inc. in Petoskey MI

To pursue its educational goals US Incorporated (US) carries on separate but related projects. These include hosting an annual conference called the Writer’s Workshop, publishing a quarterly journal named The Social Contract, running the Social Contract Press & Bookstore, and encouraging independent writers and researchers interested in working on US’s issues. US also serves as a cost effective, tax-exempt umbrella organization for self-governing projects that act as independent organizations, and as a temporary incubator for start-up organizations that eventually close down or spin-off to become completely independent organizations. US’s largest project is ProEnglish. These projects are described in greater detail below.

The Writers’ Workshop
US hosts this annual, one-day conference and gathering of writers, researchers, academics, legislators, grassroots activists, and others with a strong interest in immigration, assimilation, population and environmental issues. Normally held in early fall in the Washington, D.C. area, the conference draws participants from all over the country. Past speakers have included pollster and commentator Frank Lunz; Congressman Lou Barletta, former Congressman Tom Tancredo; former California board of regents member and civil rights activist Ward Connerly; former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm; Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ron Unz; former United States Treasurer Bay Buchanan; former Reform Party Vice-Presidential candidate Pat Choate; Angel Families Founder Mary Ann Mendoza; Pastor Casey Diaz; Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins; and many other stimulating speakers.

Writers and Researchers Support
US supports the work of independent writers, researchers, and academics to encourage and support their work and freelance writing on issues US is interested in promoting. Their output sometimes appears in conventional print media, but more commonly is disseminated via independent blogs and Internet magazines.

Special Projects (excluding ProEnglish)
US underwrites special projects that serve its educational purposes. One example was the Terry Anderson Radio Show, a weekly talk-radio show hosted by African-American immigration reform activist Terry Anderson broadcast over KRLA Radio in Los Angeles and carried live on thirty other radio stations across the country. Prior to Mr. Anderson’s death in 2010, the show attracted one of the largest audiences of any weekend radio talk show in the nation and was broadcast nationally over the Internet. In another example, US undertook the important task of documenting the history of the modern immigration reform movement by conducting a series of video interviews of individuals who have played critical roles on both sides of the immigration debate over the years. Some material was produced for specific media projects, but most was done simply to create an accurate historical record. Today, US has approximately 330 videotapes stored in digital format available to researchers as well as for other educational purposes.

ProEnglish  (website)
ProEnglish is a self-governing project of US that advocates for preserving English as our nation’s unifying national language by making it the official (but not the exclusive) language of government at all levels of government in the United States. Although legally and technically a project of US, ProEnglish is based in Washington, DC, has its own board and staff, and conducts itself as if it were a separate entity. It raises and spends its own funds, which are segregated according to the principles of fund accounting. For financial and tax reporting purposes, however, ProEnglish’s operations are consolidated and reported with those of US.

Second Saturday Salon
In existence in one form or another since the early 1970s, this monthly event draws together people in the Petoskey, Michigan, area who like to read books for two hours of discussion.  The first hour is spent discussing a book or two, and the second hour concentrates on some topic one of the group members has agreed to present, with background reading material circulated beforehand.

Outdoor Lighting Forum
Outdoor Lighting Forum (OLF) consists of 15-20 community members who volunteer to work on outdoor lighting issues. The Emmet County Planning Commission Signs and Lighting Committee convened the group. The OLF statement of purpose is:  To research and disseminate information on good outdoor lighting practices, to promote the efficient use of lighting, offer safety to the public, improve community appearance and protect the night sky environment.


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