US Inc. (US) is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our supporters. 

Privacy Policy
We do not disclose donor donation information including the identity of donors, or subscriber information to any outside party. We also provide an easy way to have your name removed from our mailing lists or email subscriber lists if you wish to do so.

US does not sell, lease, or rent donor or subscriber personal information to any outside organization. However, certain self-governing projects of US that depend on direct mail to raise funds for their support, do rent or exchange donor contact information (names and addresses only) with outside organizations to gain access to similar donor contact information for fundraising purposes. In all cases, donors may request to have their contact information deleted from such exchanges.

What Information We Gather and How We Gather It 

Here are the types of information we collect:

Donor information: name, address, phone number (when available), email address (when voluntarily submitted), amount and date of gift. Note: It is our policy to never use telephone numbers unless a donor requests in writing that we call them.

Payment information: Credit card number, owner name, and expiration date.

Special information: Requests to be deleted from mailing lists, requests for summer
addresses, and similar information.

How we collect and store information depends on the nature of your interaction with US or its self-governing projects. For email subscribers, we gather first and last name, and email address. This information is gathered automatically when individuals send emails from our website, but only when they indicate they wish to be added to our email subscription list. Our policy is to never sell, rent, or exchange email information with any outside group.

For donors and subscribers, we gather name and address, date and amount of the donation, and the identity of the instrument (letter or newsletter) to which a donor may have responded. The information is captured manually and keypunched into an electronic database maintained by US in the case of donors to US, and by third-party service providers in the case of self-governing US projects. Email subscriber information is gathered electronically over the Internet and stored in electronic databases maintained by third-party service providers.

How Your Information is Used
US uses your information to maintain and fulfill subscriptions to our publications, to communicate information regarding periodic conferences we sponsor, and to confirm donation information whenever requested by the donor for tax or other purposes. US’s self-governing projects use your information to maintain membership records, conduct membership renewal and fundraising appeals, communicate alerts and urgent information about issues, and to confirm donation information whenever requested by the donor for tax or other purposes.

Removing Your Name From Our Mailing or Subscriber Lists
It is US’s desire as well as the desire of its self-governing projects, not to send unwanted mail or email to our supporters. Please contact us at any time if you wish to be removed from our mailing or subscriber lists.

To Contact US:
U.S. Inc.
1691 US Highway 131, Unit 2
Petoskey, MI 49770
(231) 347-1171

To Contact ProEnglish, a Project of US
1601 N. Kent St., Ste. 1100
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