past projects of US Inc.

Raptor Research – 1983-1990

Provided support for the fieldwork of ornithologist Sergej Postupalsky on the great birds of prey in the Upper Great Lakes region: eagles, hawks, owls, and ospreys.

PROWILD – 1984-1997
A program that promoted the ranching of native animals in East Africa and the dry land parts of the United States, as an alternative to cattle ranching.

Recycle North – 1984-1997
This was a local citizens’ recycling program for this portion of Michigan. We were a State of Michigan grantee.

21st Century Fund – 1986
Funds were raised specifically to provide support for the public interest work projects of Richard Lamm, former Governor of Colorado.

American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities (AARR) – 1987-1990
A national organization for exploring the interrelationships between rights and their supporting responsibilities. AARR also chose to become independent after three years under our “umbrella.”

Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves – 1987
This was a series of small grants to local public and parochial schools to emphasize and encourage excellence.

Foreign Language Study Groups – 1987-1999
US sponsored study/discussion groups for those wishing to learn or polish their German or French language skills.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Hour – 1987-2000
A series of public lectures and other programs designed to highlight local drug and alcohol problems.

Donor Advised Fund – 1987-1994
A program authorized by private letter by the IRS to encourage and facilitate philanthropic giving.

Growth and Development Forum – 1988-1994
A public forum and newsletter for the study and debate of growth and development questions confronting the local community.

Citizens Against Road Salts (CARS) – 1989-1991
Explored and encouraged the use of alternatives to salt use during the winter to protect the environment and prolong car life.

The Emergency Committee on Puerto Rican Statehood and the Status of English in the United States – 1991
A group of citizens who were concerned about the serious implications of Puerto Rican statehood for national unity and cohesiveness. The Committee was formed to call attention to this immediate threat to national unity.

E Pluribus Unum – 1991-1993
Taking its name from our country’s motto, E Pluribus Unum was a citizens’ movement to counter the forces of divisiveness and separatism in American public life.

Robert Emmet Committee – 1990-2010
Petoskey is located in Emmet County, named after Irish patriot, Robert Emmet, executed in 1803. This committee that bears his name sought to copy an existing statue of Emmet for display in our county. The committee, now separate from US, sponsors an essay contest on Emmet, the prize for which is a six-week summer scholarship at an Irish university.

The Terry Anderson Radio Show – 2005-2010
The Terry Anderson Radio Show was a weekly talk-radio show hosted by African-American immigration reform activist Terry Anderson broadcast over KRLA Radio 870 AM in Los Angeles and carried live on thirty radio stations across the country. Prior to Terry Anderson’s death in 2010, his show attracted one of the largest weekend audiences of any talk radio show in the nation, and was broadcast nationally over the Internet. US paid all expenses associated with the project.

 Top of Michigan Trails Council – 1995-2000
US provided office space, office equipment, and some guidance for Top of Michigan Trails Council, a local group organized to facilitate the establishment of a multi-use, year-round, recreational trail system in three area counties.

The North Country Trail Association-Harbor Springs Chapter – 1999-2004
US provided the office support for the Harbor Springs Chapter of the North Country Trail Association.  This included list maintenance, preparation, and mailing of the periodic newsletters and announcements, and covering the cost thereof.  The trail runs through our home county of Emmet.

The Conservation News Service – 1999-2002
US provided the office support for Conservation News Service, including the expenses for maintaining their email and postal mailing lists, and preparation and mailing of their periodic bulletins.  The Service was a voluntary effort of some of the senior conservationists in the state.  Once a month, a news release on some conservation topic was provided to news outlets throughout the state.  US was represented on the Conservation News Service panel by its director, John Tanton, and former board member, John Rohe.

University of Michigan Biological Station Mini Course (UMBSMC) Scholarships – 1999-2007
US provided annual scholarships to attend  UMBSMC’s mini summer courses for interested staff persons from local land conservancies and environmental groups to help them increase their practical field biological skills and knowledge.

International Dark Skies Association (nee Michigan Dark Skies Project) – 2000-2013
US board member, Mary Lou Tanton, was active in this project’s efforts to rationalize night lighting and help keep the nighttime skies dark to enable astronomical observations and for aesthetic reasons. US supported this work financially for a time until Michigan Dark Skies was designated as an “international dark sky park” and is now overseen by Emmet County, in northern Michigan.

Scenic Michigan – 2000-2002
US board member, Mary Lou Tanton, helped establish Scenic Michigan, an affiliate of Scenic America, and served as its first president.  It was housed in the US offices, where it could save expenses by sharing office overhead and equipment.

Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decision Series — 1985-2002

US sponsored this annual education series in the Petoskey, Michigan area.

Article IV, Section 4 Fund – 2000-2004
This section of the U.S. Constitution states: Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasions; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. The goals of the effort were:

1. To educate the public and public servants as to the existence of this little-known provision of the U.S. Constitution that the latter are sworn to uphold.

2. To secure promises from public officials to, in fact, uphold the provision, and hold them accountable for their promises.

3. To come to the aid and defense, in the courts and elsewhere, of those who are harmed by insufficient enforcement of this provision.

Eisenhower Legacy Project – 2001-2004
Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President of the United States in the fall of 1952.  Some of his colleagues and co-workers are still available, many of whom documentary producer Dr. George Colburn interviewed for his 1990s series on the General/President.  This project served to recall the importance of Eisenhower’s election, at the height of the “McCarthyism” frenzy, and to ponder the consequences of a “cold war” without Ike as president and commander-in-chief.  Interviews with surviving participants highlighted the program.

Community Reading Program – 2002-2007
Patterned on community reading projects in such places as New York and Chicago, the objective of this project  was to build community, by having a common reading experience. A different book was selected each quarter, and reviewed in a public meeting at the end of the quarter. Lapel pins indicated participation in the program, hopefully promoting discussion.

Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council – 2003-2006
Worked to conserve and protect the natural environment, lands, and waters of Lake Superior by establishing and developing natural preserves in the watershed of Lake Superior and surrounding areas, through education, conservation and preservation of the natural ecosystems.

The Dillon Project – 2003-2005
US provided office support for research conducted by Dr. George Colburn at various libraries around the country, including the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; The Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey; The John F.  Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts; The Archives of the French Foreign Ministry; the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas; and other U.S. libraries housing specific collections of colleagues of Douglas Dillon.  Dillon was President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Ambassador to France (1953-57) and later became Secretary of State until 1961 when President John Kennedy named him Secretary of the Treasury, which he also served as for President Lyndon B. Johnson until 1965.

The Social Contract Journal – 1990-2019

US published a quarterly journal named The Social Contract that reached an international audience with articles on the interrelated issues of human population growth, migration and immigration, language, assimilation, and cultural and national unity.  It was conceived as a way to fill a void in reporting on the immigration issue, and evolved to a vehicle for publishing original research and cutting-edge articles on immigration-related issues.  In addition to being mailed to subscribers, the journal was published online  and is still available to download for free.

The Social Contract Press and Bookstore – 1990-2019

US sold more than 60 hard-to find or out-of-print books and occasionally published books that dealt with immigration reform, population, the environment, or assimilation issues.

Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch – 2014-2018 (website)

US provided administrative support for the Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch (MSRW) to conduct both scientific study and public education regarding raptors (hawks and owls) that migrate through the Straits of Mackinac region.  MSRW recorded and reported the data for free professional and public access.  Its goals were to promote and conduct scientific research on the numbers and timing of migration of birds of prey and associated migrants in the Straits of Mackinac region of Michigan; to educate the public about birds of prey and about the importance of the Straits of Mackinac as a migratory pathway; and to aid in conserving and protecting the resting and feeding stop-over habitat for birds of prey in the Straits of Mackinac region. MSRW holds the Mackinaw Raptor Fest in Mackinaw City, Michigan, each spring to celebrate and educate the public about these important migrating birds.