US Incorporated (US) was founded on the belief that the fundamental relationship between population growth, immigration policy, pressure on the natural environment, assimilation difficulties, and growing linguistic balkanization, was either being ignored or deliberately censored from public discussion in the United States. US sees its mission as one of doing research, writing and publishing scholarly journals, articles, and books that seek to fill this void by providing balance and stimulating public debate on these critical issues.


A clarification needs to be made in any discussion of current immigration. US is not opposed to immigration, which is a privilege the United States grants to citizens of other countries who wish to resettle here and which, as demonstrated by our history, can be very valuable and beneficial to the U.S. as the receiving country. What US  opposes is mass immigration which harms and disadvantages U.S. citizens in countless ways, and which, unfortunately, is the best description of United States government policy today. Below are a series of short articles that describe many of the ways mass immigration impacts our society.

  1. Vital Public Policy Requires Vigorous Public Debate
  2. Amnesty:  Winning the Jackpot for Breaking the Law
  3. Taxes, Compassion and Welfare Costs
  4. Polls and Political Elites
  5. Economy and Jobs
  6. Homeland Security
  7. Health Care
  8. Education
  9. Crime and Personal Safety
  10. Identification Fraud
  11. Social Security Costs
  12. The Invasion Clause, Article IV, Section 4

Language and Assimilation

  1. Language and Assimilation
  2. Preserving Basic Freedoms
  3. Official English in the World

Population, Conservation, and the Environment

  1. Resources and Sprawl
  2. Maintaining a Manageable Population Size