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Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.Wayne Lutton, Ph.D. – Editor, The Social Contract. Wayne joined US’s staff as associate editor of The Social Contract quarterly journal in 1992, and was named its editor in 1998. He holds degrees in international studies and history (Ph.D.) and has taught college history and government at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining US, Dr. Lutton worked as a foundation research director and policy analyst in Washington, D.C. Dr. Lutton has written on national security and immigration-related issues for over thirty years, and has authored, co-authored, or contributed to more than 20 books, including eight college-level political science readers. Over the years, he has written hundreds of articles and reviews, which have appeared in Chronicles, Human Events, Middle American News, National Review, Strategic Review, and similar journals. He has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows and C-SPAN, and also has testified before the Colorado legislature and the United States House of Representatives.
Niki Calloway – Corporate Secretary. Niki joined the US staff in 1984. She is a senior administrator who manages everyday operations and ensures US’ organizational effectiveness. Niki is a Petoskey native and a wife, mom, grandmother who  feels fortunate to live in the scenic area where she was born and where a plethora of outdoor activities are plentiful.